The CSM Service Body: How It’s Made

Laurie Bartlett // December 2, 2019

CSM Service Bodies has a large-scale manufacturing production line dedicated to the production of Trade Service Bodies and Accessories. Our Production facility has been adopting Lean Manufacturing Principles now for the past 12 years thus allowing us to manufacture competitively in Australia. Over the past 12 years, CSM’s Production Facility has grown dramatically to what it is today, now producing over 1200 Service Bodies per annum. Our facility has two complete production lines incorporating state of the art machinery & equipment allowing us to deliver large volume orders to our customers nationally & internationally.

  • How are CSM’s Service Bodies manufactured?
  • How do we ensure DIFOT every time?
  • How do we ensure absolute 100% Quality ever time?

This post will help you to identify the process we use to manufacture our Service Bodies, and why we are Australia’s Leader in Trade Service Bodies.

Step 1 – Production Admin Team

Firstly, once the order is processed by our Sales Team, it is sent directly through to our Production Admin team. Our Production Admin team generate the Work Order and pass it onto the first process of manufacture – the Production Design Team.

Step 2 – Production Design Team

The Design Team starts by configuring the Service Body as per the customer’s order and requirements. Upon completion of the design process, the customer signs off on a detailed set of drawings to ensure nothing has been overlooked. Once the customer signs off on the design, production drawings are produced and the job is moved to the next process of manufacture – the Production Scheduling Office.

Step 3 – Production Scheduling Office

The Production Scheduling Office is responsible for scheduling every job into our Production Line and allocating resources to ensure there are no production line hold-ups. From this office, the entire production process is monitored and managed to ensure production efficiencies and absolute DIFOT is achieved every time. Resources are allocated and the job is scheduled, beginning at the first manufacturing process, the Deck Building Line.

Step 4, 5 & 6 – Deck Building Line

The Deck Building Line produces the Service Body Deck or Base. In this process Aluminium Extrusions are cut to length and routered to assist with assembly. The cut lengths of extrusion are then assembled, glued and welded together to build the Service Body Deck – the Deck then moves onto the Press Area.

Step 7 & 8 – Press Area Line

The Deck is received into the Press Area Line as the flat sheet components get delivered from external suppliers. As the operators fold the sheet components, they are stacked onto the Deck, ready to be moved onto the Parts Welding Line.

Step 9 – Parts Welding Line

As the Deck and Folded Parts are received into the Parts Welding Line they are welded, sanded and glued. These sub-assemblies are then stacked back onto the Deck, ready to be moved onto the Welding Line.

Step 10 – Welding Line

As the Deck and Sub-Assemblies are received into the Welding Line these follow a simple process of being tacked and welded together, then sanded and sealed. The Service Body then moves onto the Paint Prep Process.

Step 11 – Paint Prep Line

Once the Service Body and other Accessories have been welded, they are prepared for paint. To do this, they are sanded thoroughly, cleaned down, and prepped ready to be painted. Once prepped they move onto the Painting Line process.

Step 12 – Painting Line Process

After the Paint-Prep the Service Body and Parts are moved into the spray booths. Here they are primed, painted and then baked. Once baked they move onto the Paint Inspection Line, and the next Service Bodies are loaded into the booths.

Step 13 – Paint Inspection Line

This area is where painted Service Bodies are inspected to ensure any small defects are rectified prior to moving onto the Assembly Line Process.

Step 14 – Assembly Line

Once the Service Body and its Parts have been inspected after painting, they arrive at the Assembly Line. This is where doors are assembled and fitted, wiring looms are installed, and windows, roof racks, internal fit-outs and much more are fitted. Once complete the Service Body will move onto the final QA Inspection process.

Step 15 – QA Inspection

Once Assembled the Service Body has its final QA checks performed and is then packed and wrapped ready for shipping to one of our Fitting Service centres.

Step 16 – Despatch

The service body is despatched to one of our Service Centre where is fitted to the customer’s vehicle, ready to be used. Daily we send out more than 2 truckloads of Service Bodies Australia-wide to our Service Centres to be fitted. We ensure we use our own trucks where possible for this to reduce damage, and to ensure delivery times are adhered to.

Bringing it All Together

Throughout production, the processes we use ensure the end-product is a top-quality service body that serves the purpose it was intended for. Australian made for Australian conditions, the CSM Service Body is a tough and versatile storage solution, designed to get the job done.

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