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Need Reliable and Functional Service Bodies for Utes?

Since 2002, CSM Service Bodies has produced well-designed, functional, and capable aluminium tray bodies and fit-outs.

With a focus on providing a complete solution that can be customised to meet your needs. Our in-house design team is dedicated to making sure our products are not only capable and hard-wearing but are also functional assets that help you get your job done.

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Need reliable and functional vehicular storage solutions?

As Australia’s Leading Supplier of Trade Service Bodies, you can be sure that we will be able to help. Create your ideal Service Body:

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Why are we the preferred supplier for aluminium tray bodies?

As Australia’s leading supplier of these designs, you can be sure that we will be able to help. Create your ideal product to suit your specific needs from our range. Speak to our team for an array of specific accessories, fully personalised to suit your specific requirements.

From the basics through to bespoke features that you need for your work, we can customise a set-up for your vehicle that meets all of your requirements. Experience the difference between a product that delivers on your needs and able to last the long-run. Our team is highly experienced in the design and manufacturing of canopies and bodies for most makes and models. Rest assured of a perfect fit and all of the features that you need.

We are also available to fit out bodies for entire fleets so whether you are looking to get new options and features for your existing vehicles or you are looking for the latest innovations and options for a brand new fleet, we can ensure you get the best trade vehicle fit-outs for all of your vehicles.

Why CSM Service Bodies is the preferred supplier for service fleets around Australia:

Our products are second to none

With an in-house design team and a drive for excellence, we are continually putting time and effort into making our products better; more secure, more capable, and tougher.

From optimising the structural design of the service body and improving its strength, to keeping up-to-date with marketplace trends, we are always on the lookout for avenues where we can improve our products, and offer you a better, more effective, and higher quality service body than you can find anywhere else.

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Our service is designed for complete trade vehicle fit-outs

We have been diligent in ensuring we can offer every customer, including you, the absolute best end-to-end service possible. Which is why we provide not just the canopy, and its accessories, but also a wide range of additional accessories for your vehicle as well.

Whether you are looking for a GVM and suspension upgrade, or just want to add a bullbar and some driving lights, CSM offers a complete end-to-end solution for trade vehicle fit-outs.

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Our processes are optimised for fleet production

While having great products, and great service, is incredibly important, it all falls apart if we fail to consistently deliver on our promises. Which is why our processes, on the factory floor, and in the office, are optimised for fleet production.

Not only can we offer complete end-to-end fit-out solutions for service fleets, but we can consistently deliver top-quality, high end, and capable products, every time.

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Finally, but most importantly...

You can create a Service Body that is specifically suited to your needs and requirements

From door types and roof racks to internal shelving and drawers, let us help you create your ideal Service Body:

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