Service Body Types

& Additional Customisations

Full Body

CSM’s flagship service body; a design that provides a functional and secure work vehicle storage solution.

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Half Half

A versatile service body design that provides ample tray space as well as secure equipment storage.

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Open Centre

A functional design for your service body that combines secure storage with open tray space.

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Half Open Centre

A hybrid design that provides maximum tray space while still retaining secure storage.

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A modification of the standard service body design that includes a multi-functional ledge.

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Both the CSM Outback Tray and Urban Tray are officially recognised as Australian Made and Manufactured.

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Door Types

Browse our range of service body door types; each one provides a way to add functionality to your canopy.

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Improve visibility with front, rear, and side windows; and increase security with tough window mesh.

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Customise your service body design inside and out with our wide range of accessories.

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