About Us

Since 2002, CSM has been building storage solutions for vehicles.

And since 2002, we have been continually improving, not only the design for the service body, but our manufacturing processes as well.

And now nearing 2 decades later, we are confident we are the best option for companies seeking to fit out an entire fleet of service vehicles.

Over that time our range of customisations has diversified to include up-to-date solutions for the current needs of all tradesmen, technicians, and service-oriented trades.


Our flagship product is the CSM Full Body Service Body, which is a fully enclosed ute canopy, which provides secure, weather-proof and functional storage for equipment. Along with multiple service body variations to include open tray space, doors for enclosed work environments, and more; we also provide a wide range of accessories and customisation that allow you to build a service body that suits your specific needs.

The internal area of the canopy can be fitted out with shelving, drawers, cabinets, and more, while, externally, we can add roof racks, spare wheel holders, and a variety of other accessories. You also have a variety of underbody options including water tanks, toolboxes, and underbody drawers. On top of all this, we also provide a range of vehicle accessories from bullbars, to wheel and tyre upgrades, ensuring we can be your best option when it comes to fitting out a fleet of vehicles.


All our service bodies are designed to be functional and capable while matching the aesthetic of the vehicle they are fitted to. Manufacturing quality is strictly adhered to with constant checks throughout manufacturing and fitting, and because our service bodies are built from aluminium, they are tough and durable, while remaining lightweight. Since we built our first canopy, we have developed multiple features designed to help the customer get the most out of their service body. Some of these include the flush floor design that allows for easier and safer loading, the recessed doors for enhanced security and weather-proofing, and the integrated roof rails for easy accessory mounting.


To ensure we can always provide top-tier service we employ more than 50 staff across all business areas. Our in-house design team ensures our service body designs are always up-to-date with your needs. Our sales and marketing team is there to assist you with the customisation of your service bodies. And our team of Production Engineers, Coating Specialists, Auto-Electricians, Sheet Metal Tradesmen, Boiler Makers, Certified Welders, Vehicle Fitters, and Logistics personnel ensure we deliver quality products every time.


CSM operates our National Sales Office and Fitting Facility in Underwood, Queensland, where our sales team can help you customise a solution for your needs, and where your service bodies are fitted to their vehicle ready for delivery. The service bodies themselves, are manufactured in our Production Plant in the regional town of Warwick, Queensland, a 2500 sqm facility with modern equipment and over 50 trained staff. We also have a network of distributors and service centres nationwide that provide support for you wherever you are located.


The reason we decided to go with CSM, was that every time we needed to change something it was not an issue with lead times. Despite them giving us a date, when we advised we needed it earlier, CSM delivered.

The most impressive thing was when we had an issue with the lock, CSM came out to find out what the issues were, and made sure it was sorted in a timely fashion. After sales service is the most important and they delivered.

John Megalli

We have partnered with CSM Service Bodies to provide Canopy service body solutions to large corporate fleet customers. We chose CSM because of their solid reputation, quality product, and ethical approach. They listened to our needs and adapted themselves to meet our requirements regarding the scope of supply and delivery schedules. We have no hesitation in recommending CSM and are looking forward to working with them in the future.

National Wholesale Fleet Provider

When I was self-employed I needed a vehicle and service body that looked the part and was strong and reliable.

Yes, the price of CSM’s service bodies were a bit more than its competitors, but the quality and design far outweighed the price, because it was exactly what I wanted and is still in service to this day 8 years later.

Brisbane Electrical Contractor

The tradesman-ship is outstanding and the staff behind the scene go out of their way to make things go smoothly.

The job was finished before the assigned date and arrived in no time at all.

This just proves you get what you pay for: Total Quality.


Quality Policy

Policy Number 1: To continuously provide the highest quality well-designed, functional and capable Trade Service Bodies, delivered in-full and on-time to our customers’ specifications and other applicable requirements (e.g. legislation).

Policy Number 2: Under no circumstances are defective products to be supplied.

Policy Number 3: This will be done through the application of a management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Policy Number 4: We will continuously strive to prevent defects and defective work and to improve the quality of our products and services in line with the quality objectives.

Policy Number 5: Each employee is responsible for applying the necessary control measures to assure compliance to the specifications relevant to themselves (self-control).