Underbody Drawers


CSM Underbody Accessory

General Information

Underbody drawers provide ample extra storage space that can be accessed from the rear of the canopy. Each drawer is secured with 2-point latching that can also be integrated with your vehicle central locking.

More Details

  • Additional Underbody Storage Space
  • Manufacutred from aluminium to be lightweight and durables
  • Fully-Sealed Roller Bearings for long-term trouble-free operation
  • Comes in 3 lengths: 1600mm, 1900mm and 2200mm
  • Optional floor covering from our range of floor coverings
  • Upgrade your Underbody Drawer
  • Connect the locking system of your underbody drawer with your vehicle’s central locking
  • Upgrade your Underbody Drawer
  • Allows you to lock the drawer open
  • Great when accessing gear when your vehicle is parked on a slope

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