Suspension, GVM, and Brake Upgrades

CSM Vehicle Upgrade

General Information

CSM provides a variety of vehicle upgrades for suspension, GVM, and Brakes. Our range is a selection of proven and quality brands with suspension and GVM upgrades ensuring enhanced vehicle driveability when loaded and allowing you to increase the payload of your vehicles, and brake upgrades ensuring the braking capability of the vehicle are sufficient for the additional weight.

More Details

  • Recommended for vehicles constantly carrying 300kg-500kg additional weight
  • Ensure vehicle ride and steering is optimum under constant load
  • Ideal for vehicle fitouts that add additional weight, but do not exceed GVM
  • NOT a GVM upgrade (loads must still remain below the vehicle’s factory recommended GVM)
  • Increases the GVM of your vehicle
  • Ideal for vehicle fitouts that, when combined with tools, equipment, and loads, exceed the vehicle’s fatory GVM
  • Ensure your vehicle is safe and compliant
  • Includes suspension upgrade and vehicle modification plate
  • National Approval – 100% compliant in all states
  • Recommended accessory in conjunction with suspension or GVM upgrade
  • Upgrade vehicle brakes to increase stopping power while loaded
  • Constant load, even within factory GVM, increases stopping distance by a considerable amount
  • Critical upgrade to ensure safety of driver, passengers, and other road users

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