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CSM Service Bodies

Supplying Service Fleets around Australia with Quality, Versatile, and Functional Vehicular Storage Solutions.

Aluminium Ute Canopies from a Leading Manufacturer

We provide customers with a range of highly functional service, custom aluminium canopies for utes and other vehicles. Our layouts can be configured further, through the addition of an internal fit-out and other accessories. Each of the 5 specific configuration styles in our range has been designed to provide the perfect balance of functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

The unique design of our aluminium canopies for utes has allowed us to reduce the weight of each canopy without sacrificing strength or durability. Other design features, like our flush floors and door sills, and our tough locking system and durable rubber seals, are implemented to improve functionality for you or your bodies’ users. The overall layout options are designed to provide a fitting choice for specific use cases; while specific design aspects can be customised to suit specific needs: from door styles to windows and mesh grills.

Stow away your valuables with secure aluminium canopies

A half-sized canopy with tray space behind it; the “Half/Half” design is perfect. You get the best of both worlds by having a fully secure canopy for all of your tools and other work requirements while also maintaining a portion of tray space for all of your other needs. These solutions can be tailored for all tray options so you can maximise your tray space.

Need a spot for a couple of spare wheels?

The “Ledge Body” would be your go-to; a standard canopy design, with a multi-functional ledge at the back which can be utilised for spare wheel holders, jerry can holders, or the like. This ensures that the items you need to store like spare wheels are securely attached to your canopy without taking up space inside that you need for your other work requirements. This is also an ideal option for convenience and safety, giving you quick access to items like fuel, water, fire extinguishers or any other item you want to mount on the ledge. This can be customised to suit any item you want to include and our team can operate to any specifications to deliver the right requirements for you.

Easy access solutions

Then the “Open Centre Body” is your perfect partner providing you with more options again. This way you can maximise your tray space and be able to store large items like generators or other bulky equipment while having the total security of a canopy around them. Having this open space also gives you better access to all of your equipment from both sides and gives you the flexibility to use the secure space to suit your precise needs.

Creating customised and personalised solutions for all of our customers is what we do best. We have five different options available for you that provide the base of your service body fit-out and then we can provide all of the exact specifications you need to give you the exact storage solutions you need for the tray of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

And that’s just the canopy design. By adding internal, external and vehicular accessories, you can create a product that suits your needs and requirements, exactly.

Every design that we manufacture is subject to rigorous checks and testing that ensures we will always provide a top-quality product, free from defects. We’d like to think we can provide you with a hardwearing storage solution that you can depend upon, which is why we provide, with every canopy we produce, a 3 year / 100,000km warranty.

Our unique design and our quality finished product, are two of the reasons we have become the choice of many large fleets across Australia. If you are looking for a tray that you can rely on; that will provide you with peace of mind knowing your equipment is secure at all times; don’t hesitate to contact us today.

With dealers in nearly all the major cities, like Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Hobart, and a national sales office based in Brisbane, CSM Service Body is truly an Australia leader.

Contact us today by calling our office on 1800 618 332 or emailing us at sales@csmservicebodies.com.au.

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