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Windows and Window Mesh


CSM Service Body Accessory

General Information

Windows are available for both sides, and for the front and rear of the canopy. We also provide window security mesh that fits each window, protecting them from internal moving objects and increasing security.

More Details

  • Increase driver visibility
  • Allow operators to check on the contents of the service body without having to open up the canopy
  • Windows can be added to the back, front, or sides of the service body depending on your fitout
  • Side Windows can only be added to gullwing doors, and only on the Full Body and the Open Centre, if you use another door type, or different service body type, side windows are not an option
  • Front and Rear Windows can only be added to the Full Body and the Half-Half Service Body
  • Window Mesh increases the security of your service body, preventing would-be thieves from breaking into your canopy
  • Made from lightweight aluminium for strength and durability
  • Protects the windows from damage from moving objects inside the service body

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