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General Information

The Electrician’s Service Body is a custom-designed and road-tested vehicle fitout made specifically for your industry.


Available for Single, Extra, and Dual Cab Vehicles
including American Pickup Trucks

More Details

Service Body Type: Full

CSM’s Full service body is our flagship product, and is a secure, functional, and durable storage solution for vehicles. It provides a large amount of secure storage space, that is lockable and highly resistant to forced entry.

Service Body Accessories

2x Underbody Boxes

Underbody boxes add easily accessible storage to your service body, perfect for storing equipment that is needed at short notice.

Underbody Drawer

The underbody drawer provides even more quickly accessible storage that can be accessed from the rear of the canopy.

Water Tank

The addition of an underbody water tank allows you to store a useful supply of water for use while on the job.

Roof bars

Roof bars increase storage capacity by allowing you to add roof accessories, and store items on your canopy’s roof.

Conduit Carrier

Adding a functional and accessable conduit carrier to your roof bars allows you to securely store lengths of conduit on the roof of your canopy.

Extension Ladder Racks

Adding two extension ladder racsk to your roof bars allows you to securely store your ladders on the roof of your canopy.

Central Locking

Your vehicle’s central locking will be integrated with your canopy’s locks to increase security and peace-of-mind.

LED Tail-lights and Tail-light Channel Upgrade

Your vehicle’s tail-lights will be upgraded to LEDs and the tail-light channel upgraded to match seamlessly with your canopy.

Internal Fitout

Internal Drawers

The addition of CSM’s versatile shelf drawers increases the storage capability of your canopy, providing functional, organisable storage space within the canopy.

Internal Aluminium Shelving

On top of the secure storage provided by our drawer systems, the addition of our versatile aluminium shelving increase the storage capability of your service body, allowing you to organise your canopy the way you want it.

Cable Drum Holder

Store cable drums securely and in an easily accessible way with CSM’s cable drum holders.

  • Flush floors for easy and safer loading
  • Lift-up doors on gas struts providing weather protection
  • Large door openings for increased usable work space
  • Recessed doors for added security and enhanced aesthetics
  • 100% dust and waterproof guarantee
  • Unique multi-fit channels for mounting accessories and running accessory wiring harnesses
  • Integrated Roof rails for easy accessory mounting and no hole drilling on the roof required
  • 2mm aluminium construction for reduced weight and added strength
  • Warranted 2 Pak primed and paint finish, colour matched to vehicle
  • Heavy duty ergonomic latching with 2 point bars for added security
  • Heavy duty stainless steel piano hinges for durability
  • Serial Number traceability for warranty and spare parts
  • 3 year or 100,000km warranty

And a huge range of optional accessories and customisations, from internal drawers, to roof racks, underbody drawers, and much more.

Fitting included for Brisbane Metro only.

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