Mine Spec Vehicle Fit-Out

CSM Service Bodies – Delivering Safe, Efficient, and Specialised Mine Spec Vehicle Fit Out Solutions for Mining and Resources Industries.

CSM is committed to supplying our customers with specialised world-class solutions through innovative design and manufacturing excellence.

CSM Service Bodies are market leaders in the supply of vehicle bodies and are now in our 18th year of doing so. Established in 2002 with a focus on the light commercial vehicle market, CSM has become a respected brand across the industries of Civil, Mining, Oil and Gas, Resources and Equipment Service Industries. Our focus is and has always been, on the “One-Stop-Shop” solution, especially for mining and civil companies, with many customers opting for a full comprehensive build direct from CSM.

Our product, the CSM Service Body and mine-spec vehicle fit-out is the result of many years of research and development. With in-the-field experience and extensive prototype testing under the harsh environments of mining and civil, we are confident our service bodies are more than capable. With an emphasis on safe working practises, CSM has satisfied our customers in every department and has become the preferred choice of the operators in mining and civil. The functionality of our service body design, when combined with the extensive range of customisations and accessories we have available, means you can be sure the end result will be a product that suits your needs and requirements. Simple to use, durable, and high-quality products with exceptional finish are what our customers have grown used to and are what they now demand from the industry.

CSM FLEET SOLUTIONS for Mining & Civil include:

Aluminium Service Bodies – the CSM Service Body is supplied in five different configurations; the Full Body, the Open Centre, the Half Open Centre, the Half/Half and the Ledge body.

Roof Racks and Equipment Carriers – CSM offers the full Rhino-Rack range as well as the Dream-Rider roof rack system.

Internal Shelving and Racks – CSM design and manufacture a comprehensive range of internal Shelving and Racking Systems. These are all made from Aluminium to reduce weight and eliminate rust.

Internal Drawers and Slide Platforms – CSM also design and manufacture a range of Aluminium Drawers and Sliding Platforms to suit a wide range of uses.

Specialised Equipment storage – This includes gas bottle storage, sensitive equipment storage, heavy and awkward tools and dangerous goods storage/transportation.

Underbody Storage Lockers and Drawers – To utilise every bit of spare space on your vehicle, CSM has designed a wide range of under-body toolboxes, drawers and lockers.

Electrical Accessories & Emergency Lighting – CSM supplies, fits and wires all work lights, personnel lighting, 12/240V inverters, dual battery systems, reversing sensors and alarms, solar and auxiliary power systems, safety lighting, and warning systems, in house, for each service body configuration.

Communication Equipment – In addition to the above-mentioned Electrical Accessories, CSM also supplies, fits and wires all radio systems, vehicle tracking and GPS accessories.

Vehicle Frontal Protection – Due to the alliance of CSM with frontal protection manufacturers, CSM has access to the most extensive range of Bull Bars, Nudge Bars and protection products for light commercial vehicles.

Towing Equipment – All towbars and towing electrical equipment can be supplied and fitted by CSM.

Underbody Protection – CSM also has access to many Underbody Protection products and are experienced in providing these as part of our service.

Tyre & Wheel enhancements – CSM has several partners in the supply of upgraded tyres and wheels to suit all industries and road conditions.

GVM & Suspension Upgrades – CSM has qualified staff who can perform suspension upgrades and vehicle enhancements. CSM is a certified partner of Pedders Suspension.

Vehicle Logistics – CSM has experience in organising freight and logistics of finished vehicles to their final destination.

Vehicle Signage & Decals – The design and procurement of vehicle signage and decals are also inside CSM’s wide-ranging capabilities.

Life Cycle Cost analysis – CSM has many tools and methods within the business to demonstrate actual “Life Cycle Costs” to the customer.

Warranty & Service

CSM offers a full three year/100,000km (whichever comes first) warranty. This warranty covers all workmanship and materials for the Service Body. “Supplied Items” from other suppliers are covered by the OEM supplier of the specific item.

All CSM Bodies can be serviced and refurbished as required; we recommend doing this once every six months at a minimum.